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Our Surgical Dermatology Services

Cysts are common growths that are derived from the hair follicle. They can be removed easily by cutting the growths away from the skin and closing the wound with sutures.

We are able to handle cyst removals in our procedure rooms.

Moles can be removed by shaving them from the skin with a blade or by excising them and closing the wound with sutures. Moles are removed for many different reasons, including itching, pain, tenderness or for cosmetic reasons.

We perform mole removals in our procedure rooms. If you have a mole you are concerned about or are interested in having removed, schedule an appointment with one of our physicians for an examination and surgical consultation.

Skin cancer treatment is a common procedure to have done by a dermatologist. There are a variety of surgical ways to remove skin cancers, including excisions with suture repair, Mohs’ surgery and electrodessication and curettage.

Regular skin checks allow our physicians to determine if a skin cancer treatment is necessary. Skin cancer is best addressed when caught early, so schedule an appointment today.

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Skin tags can be removed for medical or cosmetic purposes. They are commonly found on the neck, axillae and groin and can increase in size and number for a variety of different reasons. 

If you have concerns about a skin tag, schedule an appointment so we can discuss possible removal options.