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Botox Gallery

Wrinkle relaxers, also called neuromodulators, help relax muscle contraction that pulls on our skin to cause wrinkles. These injections can be done all over the face and neck to improve wrinkling and improve the overall quality of your skin. Our dermatologists have been injecting these products for a combined 30 years and continue to stay up to date on the newest techniques.

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Filler Gallery

Fillers are used to improve the inevitable volume loss that occurs with age, or even to improve volume deficiencies that have always existed for our patients. Common locations for injections are the lips, mid-face, cheeks, tear troughs, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, chin and jawline. Fillers can also be used in areas like the neck, chest and body for skin tightening. We use a variety of products in the Restylane, Juvederm and RHA families and Radiesse at Revival Dermatology.

Sculptra Aesthetic is used to combat the decreasing collagen production that occurs with age. It is injected into the skin, and under the skin, to stimulate your own collagen production. It gives a very natural, gradual improvement over time. It can be used as prevention of collagen loss, or to help revolumize the whole face.

BBL Photofacial Gallery

BBL treatments should be a staple in everyone’s anti-aging routine thanks to studies that showed that regular BBL light actually halts the progression of aging skin and turns on a youthful DNA expression. Corrective BBL treatments reduce brown and red discoloration, treat rosacea and acne, and improve skin quality. Forever Young BBL treatments help maintain beautiful skin. 

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Halo Laser Resurfacing Gallery

Halo is an advanced, hybrid non-ablative and ablative laser in one. It can be combined with BBL for the ultimate skin revival treatment. This treatment improves the texture and tone of the skin with minimal downtime and is a cult favorite.

Deep Erbium Laser Resurfacing Gallery

Sciton’s fully ablative TRL Contour and Profractional Erbium laser at Revival Dermatology gives you the option for deep laser resurfacing for the most aggressive wrinkle reduction possible without surgery. The Erbium can be customized for the depth of treatment and most patients receiving the most aggressive settings have 10 days of social downtime and a future of less wrinkles.

If you are ready to aggressively treat your wrinkles, schedule an appointment to learn more.

Evoke Gallery

Evoke is a revolutionary, hands-free facial remodeling platform. This non-invasive technology is an industry first, delivering hands-free bipolar Radiofrequency for facial and submental remodeling to transform your face without surgeries, incisions or injections.

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Morpheus8 Gallery

Fractional Radiofrequency is an energy-based treatment used to stimulate your own collagen and elastin production to improve skin quality, acne scarring and skin tightening. It is commonly used for the face and neck but can also be used on the body.

If you are interested in improving your overall skin quality through collagen stimulation, schedule an appointment today.

EvolveX Gallery

EvolveX is a total body transforming treatment. This innovative, non-invasive procedure builds and strengthens your muscles and treats fat while enhancing the appearance of your skin. Using a combination of technologies to tone and shape, EvolveX delivers body sculpting results with no post-procedure downtime.

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Ellacor Gallery

Ellacor with Micro-Coring Technology is a first-of-its-kind procedure that uses hollow needles to remove skin resulting in an improved appearance of moderate and severe wrinkles without the evidence of scarring. It can be used on the mid and lower part of your face and on your neck to provide natural-looking results with a  minimal amount of post-procedure downtime.

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