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Introducing Hydrinity: Redefining Accelerated Skin Care

We are excited to offer Hydrinity advanced Hyaluronic Acid skin care products to our patients. Hydrinity is a pioneering force in accelerated skincare that comes from a regenerative medicine powerhouse. Initially focusing on advanced wound care and treatment systems for cancer patients, Hydrinity’s innovation journey took a dramatic turn with the breakthrough discovery of its potent hyaluronic acid technology.

“Hyaluronic acid can help increase the moisture content in your skin, which can have various skin benefits, including reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving wound healing, among others…
HA is the main component of what gives your skin structure, and is responsible for that plump and hydrated look.”
– Healthline, “Why Science Says Hyaluronic Acid is the Holy Grail to Wrinkle-Free, Youthful Skin”

The Power of Innovation

Hydrinity’s supercharged hyaluronic acid-based formulas have been hailed for their exceptional healing and repairing properties, especially on compromised skin in radiation therapy patients. This insight propelled Hydrinity into developing skin repair and anti-aging serums for home use.

Unwavering Quality Standards

Hydrinity’s dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic formulations ensure quick absorption, leaving no greasiness or stickiness. Effortlessly integrating into daily routines, Hydrinity products require only a small commitment for a visible transformation.

Pure and Safe

Hydrinity products are completely free of petrolatum, parabens, toxins, dyes, perfume, or fragrance, ensuring a clean and secure skincare experience. Each ingredient harnessed in their PPM⁶ Technology undergoes rigorous testing to ensure potent individual skin benefits and enhance the performance of their supercharged hyaluronic acid serums.
Hydrinity caters to all skin types including sensitive and stressed skin, offering safe, effective, and soothing products for optimal skin wellness. Visit us at Revival Dermatology in Dallas and learn more about why we believe Hydrinity offers excellent products that not only deliver regenerative results but also provide quality care for your skin’s well-being.

Revival Dermatology is a comprehensive dermatology practice, family owned by two board certified physicians delivering a patient-centered, fully transparent approach to practicing medicine. We offer superior medical, surgical, and cosmetic procedures and treatments in a family friendly boutique-style environment. Our customized approach ensures the most effective, personalized skin care for patients of all ages.

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