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Helping Your Teen Manage Acne: A Parent’s Guide

As our children grow into teenagers and begin to focus on their appearance, acne can become a significant source of frustration and embarrassment. It’s important for parents to understand the impact of acne on their teen’s self-esteem and overall well-being. Here are some helpful ways parents can work with their teens to manage acne issues and help them maintain healthy skin.

Understanding the Impact of Acne

Take acne seriously.

Acne can take a toll on a teen’s self-esteem and may lead to bullying, affecting their mental well-being. It’s essential to acknowledge the impact of acne and take steps to address it sooner rather than later.

Be cautious about reminding your teen to use acne treatment.

While it’s important for teens to consistently use their acne treatment, studies show that constant reminders from parents may backfire. Instead, it’s more effective to provide gentle prompts and support without overwhelming them.Watch for signs of depression.
Acne may contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety in teens. It’s crucial for parents to be aware of signs of distress and seek professional help if necessary.

Tips for Managing and Treating Acne

Parents can encourage and support their teens in implementing the following tips to manage or eliminate acne:

  1. Use over-the-counter acne products and wash problem areas with a gentle cleanser twice daily.
  2. Treat the skin with a topical product containing adapalene after washing to prevent new breakouts. (Would this be something like CLN products? We could link here)—-no, this is not what is in CLN. That would be for 1.
  3. Avoid facial scrubs, astringents, masks, and excessive scrubbing and washing to prevent skin irritation.
  4. Remind your teen to use acne treatment occasionally without being too persistent.
  5. Encourage your teen to refrain from touching or picking at problem areas to avoid triggering acne and scarring.
  6. Use shampoo daily, especially if your teen has oily hair or problem areas around the hairline.
  7. Shower after activities that cause sweat and oil production to keep the skin clean.
  8. Treat acne early to prevent breakouts from worsening and reduce the risk of scarring.
  9. Protect the skin from the sun and avoid excessive cosmetics that can clog pores and worsen acne.
  10. Be mindful of items that create friction or pressure on the skin, such as phones, helmets, and tight collars.
  11. Help your teen manage and reduce stress, as stress can contribute to acne flare-ups.

When It’s Time To See A Dermatologist

If over-the-counter acne products fail to show improvements after several weeks with diligent use, parents should consider scheduling an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist at Revival Dermatology. Our physicians will work with you and your teen to personalize a treatment plan that could involve stronger prescriptions medications and additional direction for treatment options to effectively work toward eliminating and managing acne.

Supporting Your Teen Through Acne Management

Acne can be a challenging experience for teenagers, but with proper support and guidance from parents, it can be effectively managed. By taking acne seriously, being mindful of reminders, watching for signs of depression, and implementing practical tips for managing acne, parents can help their teens navigate this common skin condition with confidence and optimism.

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