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Happy Mother’s Day from Revival Dermatology

Dr. Lisa Pruett and her family

Passing on the Love of Learning to My Children

As a mother with a fulfilling career, I find myself walking the delicate balance between nurturing my children and pursuing my passion. The journey of motherhood is a profound responsibility that I wholeheartedly embrace. It involves ensuring that each of my kids feels the warmth of love and the strength of unwavering support in all their endeavors and aspirations.

“A love of learning has a lot to do with learning
that we are loved.”

-Fred Rogers

Understanding the Power of My Influence

One of the cornerstones of my parenting philosophy is the belief that children learn best by observing the actions of those they admire. I am passionate about my career in Dermatology and actively engage in continuous learning through reading journals and attending webinars. Hopefully, witnessing these actions instills in my children a love for education and personal growth, as well. I want them to observe firsthand the joy and satisfaction that comes from pursuing knowledge and honing one’s skills.

Nurturing Personal Growth

While I relish my role as a dermatologist, my ultimate aspiration is for my children to discover a career path that brings them as much fulfillment and joy as mine does for me. By exposing them to the wonders of learning and guiding them towards exploring diverse interests, I aim to empower them to forge their own paths with confidence and purpose.

In the intricate dance of motherhood and career, I find comfort in the belief that the love of learning I impart to my children will endure as a timeless gift. Through our shared moments of exploration and growth, I hope to lay the foundation for a future where my children embrace education not as a chore, but as the key that opens up their world of endless opportunities to find their own passions.

Finding joy in my career is something I am thankful for every day. It is important to me that they understand that putting in the work during your formative years can deliver you into a career that fulfills you and energizes you in a way that you will never stop wanting to learn more about it. Like most other mothers, one of my biggest wishes for my children is that each of them are happy. Hopefully, seeing my love of being a Dermatologist will power their pursuit toward a life where their love of learning will never feel like work.
Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day to all celebrating.

Dr. Lisa Pruett, Board Certified Dermatologist

Dr. Amanda Champlain and her family

A Love of Family & Career: Embracing the Balance

As a mother and a Dermatologist, I find immense joy in demonstrating to my daughters that it is indeed possible to have a fulfilling career while nurturing a loving family life. The balance between these two aspects of my life is one that I cherish and strive to maintain every day.

Sharing the value of professional happiness

My passion for dermatology is not only evident through my work but also through the example I set for my daughters. There is no doubt that they know that I LOVE being a dermatologist and helping my patients. They observe my unwavering dedication, constant pursuit of knowledge through reading and training, and my commitment to always bettering myself. It is my hope that this will inspire them to find their own passions in life.

Many of the values cultivated in me through motherhood deeply influence the way we operate at Revival Dermatology. Our practice is founded on the principles of compassion and support, mirroring the close-knit nature of a family. Motherhood has sharpened my communication skills, and I make it my mission with every patient to devote the time to listen, explain, and ensure understanding. Each decision, whether it’s ordering a test or prescribing a treatment, is made with the same care that I would provide to my own family.

Dr. Champlain’s daughters

Appreciating the beauty in the balance

My advice to my young daughters, ages four and six, is to embrace bravery and enjoy the process of learning new things with curious determination and zest. It’s incredibly fulfilling for me to witness the impact of my career and motherhood on my daughters. My ultimate wish is for them to understand that they can aspire to having meaningful careers while embracing the joys of their own family life one day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all celebrating.

Dr. Amanda Champlain, Board-Certified Dermatologist

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