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10 Facts About Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common concern for many individuals. At Revival Dermatology, we think it is important for anyone with hair loss worries to understand the possible causes and identify and debunk myths surrounding hair loss to effectively address issues and customize treatments. (Link to UNderstanding and Addressing Hair Loss)

Here are 10 facts about hair loss that provide valuable insight:

1. Genetic Predisposition: The most prevalent cause of hair loss is heredity, medically known as “androgenetic alopecia.”

2. Progressive Hair Thinning: Rather than the hair falling out, hereditary baldness involves normal hair gradually being replaced by finer, thinner hairs.

3. Visible Hair Loss: It takes over 50% of scalp hairs to be lost before noticeable thinning becomes apparent to others.

4. Male Pattern Hair Loss: More than half of men experience male pattern hair loss by the age of 50.

5. Female Pattern Hair Loss: Approximately 40% of women undergo female pattern hair loss by the onset of menopause.

6. Inheritance Patterns: While hereditary pattern baldness is commonly inherited from the mother’s side, it can also be inherited from the father’s side, the mother’s side, or both.

7. Myths Debunked: (Maybe not facts but assuring you these aren’t facts)

  • Wearing Hats: Hat wearing does not cause hair loss as follicles receive oxygen from the bloodstream, not the air.
  • Frequent Shampooing: Thinning hair may lead to increased noticeability of lost hair after shampooing, but it is normal to lose up to 150 hairs per day.
  • Clogged Pores: Hair loss is not due to clogged pores; thus, clearing pores does not promote hair growth.
  • Decreased Blood Flow: Reduced blood flow is a consequence, not a cause, of hair loss.

8. Drug-Induced Hair Loss: Certain medications used to treat conditions like cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, and hypertension can contribute to hair loss.

9. Reversible Causes: Imbalances in thyroid function and iron deficiency can be reversible factors contributing to hair loss.

10. Effective Treatment: Hair loss is a condition that can be effectively treated with various therapeutic approaches tailored to individual needs.

Understanding these facts is pivotal in addressing the concerns associated with hair loss and seeking appropriate management and treatment options. If you think that any of the above could be contributing to hair loss that you have noticed, please book an appointment with one of our board-certified dermatologists for an evaluation appointment.

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